Union with God in love,

so that, totally surrendered to Him

and seeking His Will alone,

through living the Christ-Mystery fully,

she gives Christ's love to everyone

in cheerful, wholehearted service.




  1. Just as the apostles in prayer and recollection awaited the Holy Spirit so do we also.  May He treat us as He did them.  From timid, poor fishermen who had locked the doors for fear of the Jews, they were changed to virulent men, Apostles, who carried the Gospel into the whole world.  Lord, do you in like manner for us.  You can do this, too.Amen! (1850)
  2. Lord, Jesus, give me Your Holy Spirit that I may love and praise You, that I may glorify You and be Your handmaid, with whom You can do as You will.  (1842)
  3. May the Holy Spirit enlighten me, then I can do all things.  May He grant me and all of us the grace to observe the Holy Rule most faithfully every day of our lives.  Amen.
  4. The Holy Spirit does not come in a storm under thunder and lightning upon those who are participating in the retreat;  He comes very quietly, perceptible only to the heart, but He certainly comes!  O, pray that He comes to you, that He will remain with you, and prepare you for your work.  He will give you strength, blessing, and endurance.
  5. O Jesus, teach me always to recognize and to love your Spirit and to follow him wherever he may lead me and to do whatever he may ask of me.  (1855)
  6. Wherever the Spirit breathes, there is fertility.  The whole of creation was originally waste and barren;  then the Spirit of God hovered over it and very soon everything became verdant;  everything blossomed and produced the most luscious fruit.  In You, O Spirit of Love, I place my trust.
  7. Who would presume to believe that he always knows for what or how to pray!  How fortunate for us, if during prayer we have an uprightness of heart that allows the Spirit of God to plead for us.
  8. Lord, teach me the discernment of spirits; teach me to know this for myself, and also in regard to others. This knowledge is very necessary for me. Lord, You are faithful, help me. Be my guide in all circumstances of life. I shall follow You. Direct me in everything, everything. Detach me more and more from all creatures. Be my light.
  9. Lord, here You really come to me:  Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!  Spirit of Wisdom and of Understanding, of Counsel and of Fortitude, of Knowledge and of Piety, and Spirit of the Fear of the Lord, come and stay with me.  With faith as firm as a rock, I beg this of You, O Holy Spirit!  Instantaneously You can give my soul strength so that henceforth I may never again weaken and fall.  Amen. (1842)


with words of Mother Pauline



1  Mary, holy Virgin, your example has so beautifully shown me the way. Beg for me from God the grace to follow in you holy footsteps, so that I may be a handmaid of the Lord and that it be done to me according to his word. Amen.. (1843)


2  Take the loving most blessed Virgin Mary as your model. How humbly, how amiably she must have presided over her home! Jesus, her Lord and God, was entrusted to her. The lowly one was the mother of the Most High! (1877)


3  The Lord grant me a simple, childlike disposition, such as the child Jesus possessed when he was being guided by Mary. I, too, will allow myself to be guided be her and trust that she will accept me as her child. (1848)

4  Only he is able to command with certainty who himself can obey well.O Jesus, teach me to study Mary’s example. O Mary, teach us your manner of commanding, your obedience. Amen! (1847)


5  Be sure to turn to the loving Mother of God. It is so wonderful and such a consolation that in every suffering we experience we can find such a beautiful mother in her. (1865)


6  Love strives for union with God. It seeks his good pleasure alone, seeks him, his heart and perseveres with Mary under his cross. Fashion your heart after Mary’s heart. (1847)


I have pondered Mary’s life. How full of thorns and pains it was! Heaven’s greatest glory had to be earned by the most intense earthly suffering. (1848)


8  Everything depends upon the pure intention! Mary’s great perfection consisted in this: she did and suffered all for God, in the most intimate union with him and his will, and for his greater glory. (1848)


9  A true love of Jesus Christ cannot be imagined without a fervent, tender love for His Immaculate Mother Mary. She is the mother of fair love, that is, of the love which should ever animate and strengthen our congregation and from which it derives its very name. Mary is also the living mediatrix of this love. (1859)

MP im Alter

Litany to Blessed Pauline


Novena in honor of Blessed Paulina von Mallinckrodt

This novena is intended for everyone who would like to ask Blessed Pauline von Mallinckrodt’s counsel and aid in any need. She herself once declared: “Whoever asks for much, receives much. God is not niggardly; he is very generous in giving” (1842). She practiced this truth in her own life. Whatever the situation, she talked it over with God, invoked his counsel, and constantly received interior direction for her actions. Whatever she received she passed on in life of service for others, especially the poor and needy. Since her death, too, she has continued to help  many people who have asked her intercession with God in the most diverse physical and spiritual needs. Just as during her lifetime she had an open ear not only for great difficulties but also for the little cares of everyday life, so now, too, no request seems too small if people turn to her with confidence.

In the following prayers Mother Pauline herself speaks. Each of the nine days has a definite theme. Insight into the values and principles that guided her own life can be a help in surmounting personal needs and tensions.

May Mother Pauline lovingly intercede with God for all who pray confidently to her.


First Day: FAITH

“You created me out of love; you redeemed me out of love; out of love you will also give me eternal happiness. You alone are all I desire; I want to please you alone; you are the light of my soul” (1850).

Blessed Pauline, all your life God gave you the grace of a deep faith in His love. In difficulties and trials, too, you knew that you were enfolded in that love; more and more God became the very center of your whole being. Obtain for me the grace of experiencing the sustaining power of faith in my life and of knowing that I am loved by God. Help me to see my present need in the light of this faith and this love, and show me a solution.

Blessed Paulina, I trust in your intercession with God.


Second Day: TRUST

“He knows the relationship of all events, those close at hand and those that are far away, those present and those to come, and he arranges all of them with fatherly love. Therefore no one is better off than the person who entrust himself unreservedly to Providence. Such people feel secure, utterly secure in God´s arms even though the severest storms and sufferings close in upon them” (1865).

Blessed Pauline, in every situation you trusted absolutely in the goodness and mercy of God, even when your own plans were crossed. This trust gave you interior security and confidence. Obtain the grace of such trust for me, so that I may recognize God´s guidance and providence in all events and circumstances. In my present need, too, let me confidently trust that God will dispose everything for the best.

Blessed Pauline, I trust in your intercession with God.


Third Day: LOVE

“O dearest Lord, help me to be ever more closely, more intimately united with you, and so to grow in genuine love of neighbor: Give me a heart full of love, and help me to express this love in all that I do” (1854).

Blessed Pauline, in all that you did you were always guided by love: love of God and love of the persons with whom you came in contact. Out of the strength of that love you shunned no effort to serve them selflessly and cheerfully. Help me to follow your example and to be loving to those around me, especially the suffering. May this loving attention to others also help me to develop a correct attitude toward my own troubles.

Blessed Pauline, I trust in your intercession with God.



“Let us try to make God´s will and His divine love our point of rest, the stillpoint of our will” (1863).

Blessed Pauline, your life was increasingly defined by a conscious listening to the will of God and by readiness to submit to it. Obtain for me the grace to be open to God´s direction, especially in my present need. I do not want to insist on my own way, but in trustful submission accept whatever God sends me. Help me to make the fulfillment of His will the yardstick of my life.

Blessed Pauline, I trust in your intercession with God.



“Oh Lord, you know that the Blessed Sacrament is the very life of my soul; you know that without your sacramental presence every place seems desolate to me, but that my whole being is refreshed when I come into your Eucharistic presence” (1842).

Blessed Pauline, the wellspring of strength in your life was your encounter with the Lord in the Eucharist; his nearness always gave new impetus to your personal life and to your selfless ministry to others. Pray that for me, too, this source of strength may never run dry: that in the Eucharist I may find comfort and help in my concerns and difficulties, and that I may remain available to people who need me.

Blessed Paulina, I trust in your intercession with God.


Sixth Day: THE CROSS

“Even if the footprints of the Lord are sometimes in the midst of thorns, on sharp stones, or on slippery ground, they are the LORD´S footprints, and where the way becomes too difficult for us, he carries us” (1849).

Blessed Pauline, in spite of the many achievements of your life, you were not spared the cross, suffering, and all kinds of trials. In such situations you were always ready to courageously step into the footprints of the Crucified. Obtain for me God´s grace to follow him willingly even when difficulties press upon me, and never to lose heart. I would also like to deliberately place my present need under the cross, with the petition to be freed from it if that is God´s will, or to find the strength to bear it.

Blessed Pauline, I trust in your intercession with God.


Seventh Day: MARY

“Everything depends upon a pure intention! Mary´s great perfection consisted in this: she did and suffered all for God, in the most intimate union with him and his will, and for his greater glory” (1848).

Blessed Pauline, in Mary you saw a shining example for your life. In guileless sincerity she was available for God´s work: to give Jesus Christ to the world. Obtain for me the grace to be open, like Mary, to the designs of God in my everyday life, so that whatever I do or suffer, in my present need too, may redound to his glory.

Blessed Pauline, I trust in your intercession with God.


Eighth Day: THE CHURCH

“Let us enter deeply into the spirit of holy Church, let us with Holy Church” (1881).

Blessed Pauline, in every undertaking and suffering you knew that you were implanted in the great community of the Church. Help me to imitate you and to walk my personal way of life in fidelity to the Church. Pray that God will give me the practical realization that I am never alone in my need, but that others are suffering with me; and obtain strength for me to share the suffering of others as you did, by prayer and, if possible, by actual help.

Blessed Pauline, I trust in your intercession with God.



“With profound gratitude to God I must confess that I have always had the experience that God gives only what is conducive to salvation to the soul that quietly and firmly trust in him” (1853).

Blessed Pauline, yours was a spirit of gratitude that formed an indissoluble unity with your total surrender to God and your absolute trust in his guidance. Obtain for me, too, the grace to be grateful to God from the bottom of my heart for everything he has given me throughout my life. In union with you I also thank him for the light and consolation that have been shown to me. With you I would like to continue entrusting my cares to the Lord in gratitude.

Blessed Pauline, I trust in your intercession with God.


Let us pray

Merciful God, source and goal of all life, you gave Blessed Pauline the grace to seek and do your will in all the changing circumstances of her life. Through her intercession help us to trust in your guidance and to bear witness to your love. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Blessed Pauline, our mother, Pray for us

Pauline, child of God,

Help of the sick,

Protector of the weak,

Servant of the blind,

Teacher of children,

Instructor of orphans,

Mother of the Sisters,

Counsellor in difficulties,

Champion of truth and justice,

True daughter of the Church,

Mother Pauline, loving in dealing with people,

Pray for us

Mother Pauline, untiring in service,

Mother Pauline, patient in difficulties,

Mother Pauline, strong in suffering,

Mother Pauline, courageous in making decisions,

Mother Pauline, humble in leadership,

Mother Pauline, grateful in success,

Mother Pauline, sincere in discussions,

Mother Pauline, cheerful in hope,

Mother Pauline, confident in times of uncertainty,

Mother Pauline, anchored in the will of God,

That we may seek only the honor of God, Pray for us, Blessed Pauline

That we may allow ourselves to be permeated with the love of God,

That we may be a sign of God's goodness to all,

That we may be alert to the action of God in our times,

That we may be fruitful branches on the vine of the Church,

That we may understand what God wishes to tell us through your life,

That we may follow your example,

Let us pray.

Merciful God, source and goal of all life, you gave Blessed Pauline the grace to seek and do your will in all the changing circumstances of her life. Through her intercession help us to trust in your guidance and to bear witness to your love. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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