The “Raising” of Hermann von Hartmann
While doing research for our “Response 200” presentation on Blessed Pauline’s family, I (Sister Ann Marie) discovered that Pauline’s first cousin, Hermann von Hartmann (1811-1850), died unexpectedly at age 39 in New York and is buried in Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn.1 On Saturday, July 15, I sent an email to Green-Wood Cemetery, asking for information on finding Hermann von Hartmann’s grave. (Click here for the entire article)









This piciture of St. Joseph was found in Mother Pauline's "Following of Christ" of Thomas von Kempen. She carried it always in her so called prayer basket. The intercession of St. Joseph is until today very important in our Congregation. 








The Prayer of the Rosary in our Congregation

mp rosenSince the founding of our Congregation the rosary has been fostered and treasured.  On the agenda for the novitiate, it holds it strong place.  The novices usually pray it alone, walking in the garden while praying it. (Congregational Chronicles 1857, page 21)

In our Constitutions of 1859 and 1895, we read: “The Sisters pray daily the Little office of the BVM, or instead a rosary; the last prayer, however, with the decision and approval of the Superior General.”      

From 1858 to 1922 in our Congregation consisted in two groups: Choir and Lay Sisters.

From a letter of Mother Pauline, dated November 29, 1858, to Sister Bernhardine it is shown that the rosary is prayed in the motherhouse in the afternoon before the Office.  Our eldest sisters (among them former choir and lay sisters) remember that as postulants, novices, and professed Sisters they prayed the rosary daily.  Therefore it is to conclude that also the choir Sister prayed the rosary even if it was not obligatory.

Our Constitutions of 1931 say:  “The Sisters pray daily the Little Office of the BVM and a rosary of five decades.”

Circular Letter of the 14th General Chapter 1966: "The daily praying of the rosary is counted among the obligatory practices of prayer. During the month of October, according to possibility, it ought to be prayed in common –completely or partially – with the closing prayer: To thee, O St.Joseph…"

Constitutions 1978: “The rosary presents the mysteries of Christ and is suitable as a prayer of simple reflection as well as for deeper meditative praying.  We want to pray it daily and trust, that its mysteries spur us on to greater following of Christ.”

(Compiled and underlined by Sr. M. Valentina Henn, June 1984)

General Superiors

of the Sisters fo Christian Charity

Mother Pauline von Mallinckrodt: 1849 - 1881

Mother Mathilde Kothe: 1881 – 1893

Mother Philomena Schmittdiel: 1893 – 1905

Mother Regina Le Claire: 1905 – 1920

Mother Ottonia Gerdemann: 1920 – 1932

Mother Anselmis Nickes: 1932 – 1948

Mother Mathilde Niemann: 1948 - 1966

Mother Augustilde Giesen: 1966 – 1978

Mother M. Pierre Koesters: 1978 – 1989

Sr. Gregoris Michels: 1989 – 2001

Sr. M. Adalberta Mette: 2001 – 2013

Sr. María del Rosario Castro: 2013 -

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