On June 3, the Sisters of Christian Charity celebrate with love and joy the 200th Birthday of Blessed Pauline of Mallinckrodt. She herself begins her autobiography as follows: 

"I, Pauline, daughter of Detmar Mallinckrodt of Dortmund, a Protestant, and his wife, Bernhardine von Hartmann of Paderborn, a Catholic, was born on June 3, at Minden in Westphalia; and by virtue of Catholic baptism, I am a member of Holy Chuch. After my early childhood, spent happily and pleasantly in the circle of my parents and my younger brothers George and Hermann, my father was transferred to Aix-la-Chapelle in the capacity of President in the government of the Rhine Province...." 

The following photos show the baptism document and one bell of the Cathedral in Minden with the name "Pauline". The inscription of the bell is:

Blessed Pauline von Mallinckrodt, I have your name. Pray for your city of birth Minden!

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Maxims - M. Paulines

  1. Let us imitate the meekness of Jesus, his humility, his love, his mildness, his zeal for souls and God’s honor, his spirit of penance. 1855

  2. The cross is the real test of faith, the true foundation and source of hope, the perfect refinement of love, in a word, the way to heaven. 1859

  3. It is precisely the cross which Jesus offers us which we ought to embrace with great willingness and not choose our own crosses. 1843

  4. We must pray for love of the cross. Then frequently we shall see things in an entirely different light. 1855

  5.  With a joyful heart endeavor to accept little daily annoyances out if love for God, swallowing them like water. Try it. (1877

  6. In all suffering God sends us he has his wise designs, and to those who love him everything turns out for the best. 1878

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